New Video - Lightning Rod!

By Laura Veirs Admin

New Video - Lightning Rod!

Dear Friends, 

I’m happy to share with you this video for a song off of my upcoming album, “The Lookout.” The song is called “Lightning Rod.” 

Check it out here @ Stereogum this morning!

The video was made by two artists from the Basque region of Spain: Izar Etxeberria (illustrations) and Eñaut Uribesalgo (animations). Izar tagged me on Instagram last fall because she had hand-written some of my lyrics to an old song. When I saw her handwriting I thought, “This is beautiful. I wonder if she will do the lettering for my album art?” I messaged her to ask if she would be interested and she was! You can see her hand-lettering for the album below. I LOVE IT!  

Izar and Eñaut have thoughtfully made this new video which explores the wonder of creation. (The song features our two kids, Oz and Tennessee as well as our niece Cora on backing vocals. :))  Izar has a background in biology (and you’ll see she nods to my background in geology with the spreading tectonic plates) and is the perfect, unexpected fit for this song and for my album art. Although social media bothers me in many ways I’m so glad that it connected me to these brilliant artists halfway across the world!

All the best, 

Laura and Team Raven Marching Band