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July Flame: NPR Song Of The Day

Much like the language, the arrangement is a model of sublime economy, built around Veirs’ slender guitar part and gentle rhythmic accents. (With her sweet, breathy delivery, the Oregon-based Veirs sounds at times like an older, romantically thwarted Taylor Swift.) But as the song continues, the production gradually builds, as if matching her own escalating ache. By the end, she’s been joined by a sighing string section and choir, adding up to an emotional outburst, if not total catharsis. It’s as if she — and the song — have kept their emotions in check until they simply can’t anymore.

Listen here.

5 Responses to “July Flame: NPR Song Of The Day”

  1. Marion Nelson Says:

    NPR loves you! Will the World Cafe live! be broadcast that day or what day? Always like to see Nelson’s name in the stories. mn

  2. Geoffj4 Says:

    I found this because I was looking up information about the “July Flame” variety of peaches! HAHA But after being exposed to Laura’s music I’m a Fan!

  3. tingers Says:

    July Flame review is up on The Fly website!!

  4. Jenny Gillespie Says:

    uck! you are so much better than taylor swift!!!

  5. Amir Thompson Says:

    That tune is totally incredible!

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