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Laura’s Blog Update No. 8

London.  A chilly walk along the Brighton beach and a packed show – Brighton has now inched into First Place in the International “Ooher-Ahher” Competition.

The London show in Union Chapel was lovely.  I felt humbled by the space and honored to play there.  The sparse songs came off particularly well, with our group harmonies sailing off into the reverberant chapel above us. It was great to reconnect with Bella Union folks and my booking agents and some dear old friends back stage. Off now to Manchester for a radio show and then … the City of Love!

5 Responses to “Laura’s Blog Update No. 8”

  1. Andy Martin Says:

    Thanks so much for coming back to London, the upstairs back pews were freezing but your music kept us gripped! Good luck with the little one and I hope the rest of the tour goes well for you.

    PS. the new album is a real grower!

  2. Marion Nelson Says:

    Traveling vicariously with all of you. Love those cathedral acoustics.

  3. emilia Says:

    what radio are you doing in Manchester, Laura?

  4. Spiggie Says:

    The Brighton show was amazing! Here’s a little vid to show how good our oooh aaahs were:

    Come back soon please! x

  5. Neill Says:

    Brighton was fantastic, just like the last time when you were on your own at the Concorde 2. Great to see you in the Hanbury Ballroom too (my first time there, despite coming to Brighton gigs for 20 years!), what a wonderful venue which complimented the music perfectly. Good luck with the little one, and come back soon Laura!

    PS. I listened to July Flame in the car on the way to work yesterday – when I got here I just wanted to go on a long walk; not to work!

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