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Wow! #1 on the Billboard Top New Artist Album Chart.


The news pretty much knocked us out of our chairs. We’re not exactly sure how they measure the New Artist Album Chart, but the we’ll take that #1!

July Flame also made the much-referenced  Billboard 200, debuting at #124.  In other charting news, July Flame has been perched in the top 30s-60s range for bestselling albums at iTunes.  Hot dog!

3 Responses to “Wow! #1 on the Billboard Top New Artist Album Chart.”

  1. John Says:

    What a surprise! (Not.) Laura, the album is better than better than good. It’s fantastic, of course it’s going to hit the top of some charts, if not many.

    Life Is Good Blues is one of my favourite of your’s in general. Stay warm, and say hello to Little Veirs for me! ( =

  2. Elinor O'Neill Says:


    Just wanted to send you a link to my review of the Manchester gig the other night. Hope you and yours are enjoying your stay in the UK.

    Best wishes

    Elinor O’Neill

  3. Dustin Says:

    Hi , john thats one of mine too. Summer is the champion does wonders for me also.

    Glad your having great success w/ the lp early. Best wishes.

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