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Discography Bundles

New to the music of Laura Veirs?  Or, do you have an long-standing evangelistic love for Laura’s music?  Easily complete your collection, or consider a deluxe gift in The Raven Marching Band Shop:

Laura Veirs Complete CD Discography

Laura Veirs Complete CD Discography

21% off

Laura Veirs In-Print Vinyl Discography

Laura Veirs In-Print Vinyl Discography

20% off

4 Responses to “Discography Bundles”

  1. John Says:

    Will you release any singles from July Flame on vinyl?

  2. Clara Says:


    Somedays ago, i had a dream with you, Laura Veirs.
    It was very cool, we keep talking about hours, with some difficulty, (because i’m brazillian) but it was nice.

    You was in my house – don’t ask me why – in my sopha, right of my balcony. And, when i looked to you, i just said: “Oh God, Laura Veirs here!”
    And we started talking, and talking for a long time.

    But, what is more instigating is: I asked to you:
    “How I ‘pronoun’ your name?”
    And you said: “My name means ‘Soila’, the one that radiates, the daughter of the sun.”
    And the most incredible: I saw the word “Soila” in your mouth!

    So, I don’t know if that means something to you, but I have never seen this word before.

    I like very much to “meet” you, anyway!

    -sorry for my english-

  3. Josie Beck Says:

    How are Laura and baby doing?!?!?

  4. McWeen Says:

    Why doesn’t this pack include the self titled CD?

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