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Laura’s Blog Update No. 13

Hello, an explanation of the pics below…

1. Back on the home front, Tucker got our cat Carlos a “cat cam”. Here is Carlos looking humiliated with my dad, Val. Carlos took a bunch of pictures around the neighborhood. Grass and branches and car mufflers and neighbor’s back yards.  As Tucker says, “We have a real artist on our hands!”

2. Here is Tim in front of the gig we played in Hamburg. We played in that bunker! Actually the place was really nice, believe it or not. A delicious home-cooked meal and a great crowd and a warm green room.

3. The stairwell in the bunker. Apparently this building is indestructible.

4. Windmills upon windmills across Germany. Go Germany!

5. Tim has had it with Nelson.

6. Tim and Alex on the ferry from Germany to Denmark.

7. The icy waters.

8. Backstage in Lund, Sweden: a cute picture of our friend Bill Frisell and band circa 1991.

9. Norwegian (Hoarfrost) Wood(s).

10. Tim, eating those insane salty Scandinavian fish candies.

11. Fun times on the six hour drive to Oslo.

12. “The pals.”

5 Responses to “Laura’s Blog Update No. 13”

  1. tmharms Says:

    Hi, Laura. Just wondering about the Bill Frisell pic – who’s that in the bottom left? Hank Roberts?

  2. tmharms Says:

    …oh yeah – and play Canada, wouldya? Specifically, south-west Ontario… ;-)


  3. Josie Says:

    Laura! Love following your adventures! These pictures are great. Excited about the cat-cam and hope we can see some of his artistic abilities.
    What camera are you taking these pictures with and how are you uploading/scanning them so nice and neatly? I’m assuming they are some sort of instant film? Can’t wait to see you on the 26th in St. Louis! :)

  4. Ju Says:

    Thanks for your bunker-gig in Hamburg, it was really excellent. As soon as you entered the stage, a woman behind me whispered in awe “aawww … what a cutie!” :) It’s really impressing that you’re touring at that stage of your pregnancy, hats off! I also enjoyed Eric Andersons music, thank you for introducing to it.

  5. Francis Says:

    I want to see Carlos’ photos. Maybe he needs a gallery show?? I bet he got some spectacular shots under my deck.

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