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Three Fun Upcoming Portland Shows

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

1. Dec 4: OPB LIVE WIRE at Alberta Rose Theater with Annalisa Tornfelt on violin and vocals.  This radio variety show’s guests include Conan O’Brien Writer Todd Levin, founder Stephen Elliot, urban homesteader Harriet Fasenfest and essayist Justin Hocking. Recorded live before a studio audience. More about LIVE WIRE at their website.

2. Dec 19: Two Root Beers Veirs headlining You Who at Kennedy School 1 pm.  This is a hedlining appearance at a kid’s variety show.  The Two Root Beers Veirs band features John Moen (Decemberists), Nate Query (Decemberists), Chris Funk (Decemberists), Annalisa Tornfelt (Black Prarie) and Jon Neufeld (Jackstraw) as Laura’s backing band. They play old-time covers on rolicking banjo with vocal harmonies other instruments. Read more about You Who at their website.  And get advance tickets online or at Black Wagon (3964 N Mississippi Ave)!

3. Dec 31: Two Beers Veirs New Year’s at Laurelthirst – Also with John Moen (Decemberists), Nate Query (Decemberists), Chris Funk (Decemberists), Annalisa Tornfelt (Black Prarie) and Jon Neufeld (Jackstraw) as Laura’s backing band.. This show always sells out so get your tickets HERE now! — this is a GREAT and really fun way to spend the New year.

Live in Portland

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Laura just finished up another leg of her winter tour schedule with her trio band mates Alex Guy and Tim Young. We have the complete concert posted for you to watch.

The Portland crowd was ready and willing to compete with gusto in the international “Ba ba ba” Life is Good Blues competition. Lets’ see if crowds across the pond can’t dethrone Oregonians from the top finishers!

Laura also took the opportunity to play a few from The Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae:


Watch the complete concert in a playlist.

West Coast Tour Photo Blog, Yo!

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

EU Tour Dates Announced

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Laura will be visiting some new and familiar European cities in 2011.  She’s been touring with a confident three piece which she says has allowed her to relax and really enjoy her performances.  Here’s hoping you can make it out to see her!

No shows booked at the moment.

10th Anniversary LP Release of ‘The Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae’

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

“This was the inspiration For July Flame” Laura reveals as she discusses making The Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae ten years ago, and the decision release it for the first time on *red* vinyl ten years later.


For now it is exclusively available HERE from The Raven Marching Band Shop, featuring an instant download with an unreleased bonus song from those sessions.


Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Occasionally you hear stories of gestures of generosity and goodwill in the peer to peer digital age but to those in the business they can sometimes seem like urban legends.  So to dispel the myth that everyone has turned to file sharing, or freeloading, we offer up proof positive from our PO box that people will pay, unprovoked, for music they discover via sharing.

Thanks Matt!  And thanks to all who lend support with their purchases!

The letter:

Hi Laura,

I just started listening to your music and like it!  I downloaded 2 albums from the library, and wanted to pay you for them.  See you + looking forward to new albums,  Matt

Laura Veirs EU Tour Presale For London

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Laura will be touring the UK in February. The first show tickets to be offered are in London”s Union Chapel. (More to come!)

Laura’s Fall Tour Blog Update No. 4

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Home now!  Thanks to all who came out and supported and hosted us on our tour through the East, South and North. Montreal wins the Best Crowd Participation Award.  So many rosy-cheeked singers!  Tennessee impressed me with his ability to go with the flow on so many long drives and weird green room situations (the pic below sums up the tour).  The little guy (now 5.5 months) has visited 20 states and 8 countries already.  We are all resting now and gearing up for another run up the West Coast in a couple of weeks.  Love, Laura and the gang

Laura’s Fall Tour Blog Update No. 3

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

A smaller-than-usual but very participatory crowd in Chicago last night. They get the award so far for “Best Crowd Participation on ‘Life is Good Blues’ and ‘July Flame.'” Chicago is the place to beat! 

Tim has been eating some weird-ass sandwiches: #1. peanut butter, jelly and tortilla chips; #2. peanut butter, ham and cashews (!); #3. peanut butter, oranges, prunes, cheerios, wine-infused chicken (!!!). What’s next? 

Yesterday in Chicago: a walk along the lake with Aunt Barbara, bibimbap at a Korean place down the street, a short guitar lesson from Tim (triad inversions interrupted by waking baby), laundry and two naps. Cleveland bound now… only four more shows to go but many, many miles to cover. We are tired but spirits are still high. Go team!

Laura’s Fall Tour Update No. 2

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Great show in Saint Louis last night. The crowd was really friendly and participatory and loose. The owner let us use an apartment upstairs so Tennessee could sleep in a quiet place during the show (he slept under a table with a quilt over the top.)  All went well until the end of the night when the tenant came home with her German Shepard who barked furiously at little sleeping Tenn.  I swept him up off the floor and dashed him outside. An unwelcome adrenaline rush!

Funny places Tennessee has slept on tour: underneath the seat in front of me on the airplane, in a blocked off chimney in NYC, on a window sill in NYC, on various bedside tables, on the beach under an umbrella in Rhode Island, on towels on various hotel and green room floors, in a closet in a green room in Louisville and on a dog pillow in Tucker’s old closet in Nashville.  What a trooper!

Now we’re in Madison, out of the southern heat…. stay tuned for more adventures … xoxo